Questions & Exchange
Background course on Smart Home concepts
Module 1 - Smart Home Concept and Range of Smart Home Services
Module 2 - Smart Home Technologies and Linked Challenges
Unit 1
What is a Smart Home?
Unit 2
How can Smart Homes improve our lives? – Overview of Smart Home services
Unit 3
Challenges linked with smart home technology
Unit 4
PROs and CONs of smart home devices
Hands-On Course: Basic Module
Unit 1
Entertainment & Automation / Comfort
Unit 2
Home Security
Unit 3
Energy Saving
Unit 4
Hands-On Course: Advanced Module
Unit 1
Home Assistant
Unit 2
Unit 3
Integration, Automation, and other functions
Interactive explanation videos

01 Introduction

04 Setting up Amazon Echo Dot

07 Setting up Shelly H&T Sensor

10 Privacy and Security

02 Setting up a Smart Home

05 Home Security

08 Setting up a TP-Link smart plug

11 DIY with Raspberry Pi

03 The voice assistant Alexa

06 Saving Energy

09 Health monitoring via smart watch

12 The Smart Home at a glance